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Is the Warren Coming to SE Edmond? – Eastern Ridge Development South of Turnpike

Is the Warren Coming to SE Edmond?

The Developments in SE Edmond

In this week’s blog, Keith is on-site at the location of several planned SE Edmond developments, just South of the Turnpike, at the NE corner of 122nd St. He has all the info about the retail and office developments, as well as an Edmond location for the “boutique” movie theater “The Warren”, already a popular place in Moore, OK. Keith attended this week’s town hall meeting concerning the developments and has plenty of information for you. the proposal will be voted on this Tuesday, March 28th. Watch the video below for a look at the property and more information.



Hi this is Keith May with Keller Williams Realty in Edmond OK, I am standing here at the proposed sight of the new Eagle Ridge development at the North East Corner of 102nd and Eastern the north east corner of the Intersection this is just South of the Kirkpatrick turnpike not quite a full quarter section. This is a hot topic right now in this part of town in South Edmond, on the proposed retail and office development space. I attended the town hall meeting on Monday night, 3:20, put on by the City. The developers and concerned neighbors both got a chance to speak about what’s going on here at the development. Those opposed to the development were concerned about extra traffic in the area with the proposed new movie theater and some retail businesses.

The city says there’s no plan for a turning lane to be put in on Eastern south of memorial. And there is not immediate plans to put in a 4-lane on 122nd. South of the development. Some neighbors were concerned about values of property – what that may do to their houses and about disturbing a natural habitat area here with a lot of wooded treed area in South East area. Now the developer spoke, the name was Kilpatrick and Eastern LLC. They are putting in retail, office, anchored by a small-scale version of the Warren Theater, a higher end movie theater in Moore. A Boutique movie theater is hat some people have described it as. This is going in front of the city council for approval on March the 28th. So it is coming up pretty quick! Kilpatrick and Eastern LLC is in part owned by the Chickasaw nation. So a lot of people thought there was going to be a casino here. The developers made it very clear that there is not going to be a casino here. So there are some facts about what is going on at the proposed Eagle Ridge development. My name is Keith May, I’m with Keller Williams Realty in Edmond, OK I do a lot of work win the south east Edmond area it residential real estate. If you’d like to know values of your house – information about what is going on , please contact me at 330-2626 and I’d love to answer any questions you have, thanks!

What Do You Think?

Are you excited about these developments? Traffic is a concern for many, but others are excited to see these new businesses. What do you think?

ByKeith May

In this week’s video, you will have the pleasure of being introduced to Billy Red, a runner who works for Keith May. What exactly does a runner do? Find out in the video below:

ByKeith May

This Weekend in Edmond, OK (11-11-16)

Hello Edmond!

Welcome to Friday afternoon! May your work week end well and your weekend be refreshing.

One of the best things about living in Edmond is the community. There is a vibrant community life in Edmond and so many smaller groups that everyone can find their niche. Everything from web design to painting to fine arts to eagle watching is represented somewhere here in Edmond. Not only that, but proximity to Oklahoma City and Lakes Hefner and Arcadia make a day in the city or a night in the great outdoors an easily accessible choice for your weekend.

This weekend in Edmond brings with it several choices for entertainment in your own backyard. Here are a few events for you to take a look at:


  1. Vintage CountrE Market 2

    November 11 - November 12 @ Lazy E Arena

    Will feature a vast variety of vendors with product selections ranging from junk and antiques, to repurposed and industrial. The Vintage CountrE Market will give you the opportunity to discover the find of your life! Two days of fun, food and Junkin’!

    More Details

  2. UCO International Festival

    November 12, 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM @ Festival Market Place

    More Details

  3. Oklahoma Community Orchestra

    November 13, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM @ Oklahoma Christian University

    More Details


I hope you got tickets for the looking for America Tour with Switchfoot and ReliantK. These two rock bands will be playing in Oklahoma City tonight so if you are making it over to the concert you should definitely leave a comment and share pictures with the rest of us.



ByKeith May

Urban Chickens

We are not sure when they were put into the current ordinance as an animal that is not allowed. The ordinance says, “No intensive agriculture- pigs or chickens.”
I never thought of 6 hens as intensive.
The city said, ” We do not go out looking for chickens. “

Many, many people have them in Edmond. In ALL parts of Edmond.

At this point the city attorney is waiting to hear back from the Dept. Of Agriculture to finalize the ordinance we have been working on. Once he hears from them, he can present it to the city council. Then a date will be set for a public hearing.