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ByKeith May

Did You Know about these Cultural Landmarks in Edmond?

Edmond, OK really is a great place to grow. Whether you are a long-time local, a passerby looking for a fun time, or just curious about what we have to offer, here are a few places to consider adding to your travel itinerary or to-do list. Have an item to add? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Favorite Restaurants/Cafes

Hideaway Pizza

Hideaway Pizza is one of my favorite places to get pizza. The service is great, and the options are many! Whether you are looking for a new style of pizza to try, or a classic one, you won’t be disappointed with the quality they offer. The Edmond location is at 116 East 5th Street Edmond, Oklahoma 73034.

Cafe 501

According to their website, “Cafe 501 has become synonymous with a discriminating taste in good wine and great food.” This cafe has been around for a long time here in Edmond, and has gained a deserved reputation as a great place to get good wine and great food. Their Edmond location is at 501 S Boulevard Edmond, OK 73034, and they even offer catering!

Zarates Latin Grill

Zarates Latin Grill

I’ve only been to Zarates Latin Grill once, but the memory stuck with me. If you are  craving Latin food with a local feel, Zarates is the place for you. Their quality of service is only matched by the superior quality of their food. Zarates is also a good place to catch a game during dinner and a great place to take a date you want to impress.

Simply Falafel

Simply Falafel specializes in crafting mouth-watering meals and providing superb customer service. One of my personal favorites, Simply Falafel has great Mediterranean food and is locally owned. The owner frequently walks from table to table to check in on guests and make recommendations. If you are a coffee lover, you may love the Turkish coffee they serve (Hint: It’s super strong!)


Interurban is a nice, elegant place with an (surprise, surprise) urban feel to it. They serve good beer and a wide array of foods. Their steak is especially exquisite.

The Cow Calf-Hay

A Burger from Cow Calf-Hay

I once visited the Cow Calf-Hay and witnessed a friend take on their burger eating challenge. It was a fun experience, and perfectly portrayed the quirky, fun atmosphere at this diner. There is definitely a small town feel to this “Calf-Hay”, and it is simply one of the best places in town to grab a burger! Located just off Broadway and 33rd to the south East, don’t leave Edmond without trying this one!

The Garage

The Garage is an equally good place to grab a burger in Edmond. Located off Bryant and North of 33rd, The Garage is famous for their Wednesday night trivia competitions. This place is a lot of fun for those who want to get out and socialize, and enjoy a louder, more energetic atmosphere.

Historical landmarks

UCO – Old North

Old North Historical Tower

Old North first opened for classes As early as 1893. It truly is a community icon and the enduring symbol of the University of Central Oklahoma. Furthermore, Old North is noted as the first building dedicated to higher education in the entire state of Oklahoma. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic places.

First Public Schoolhouse – 1889 Territorial School

1889 Territorial School

This is believed to be the first school built in Oklahoma Territory after the Land Run of 1889. Recently restored, the schoolhouse is now open to visitors two Saturdays of every month from 1pm-4pm and is available to be pre-booked as a learning experience for special group tours.

As the story goes, Jennie Forster marched into Brown’s Lumber Company once summer day in 1889, and ordered enough lumber, on credit, to build a school house for the new village of Edmond, Oklahoma Territory. This effort was headed by The Ladies School Aid Society, which consisted of 15 women and was formed because the ladies were determined to create a proper school for the local children.

Gracelawn Cemetery
Graceland Cemetery

If you have spent any amount of time in Edmond, you have probably seen the Gracelawn Cemetery, established by the citizens of Edmond in April 1895, as you have driven past it. It is known as the burial place of “Kickingbird Reynolds,” one of Edmond’s founding fathers and original legislators from the early territorial days. You can also visit the Veteran’s Memorial in the South West area of the cemetery. This was Edmond’s first cemetery. The memorial itself consists of several vertical markers all with quotes by former U.S. Presidents or historical information. There is even a marker that has important historical documents stored underneath it. All in all it is a great place to pay respects and enjoy learning the town’s early history.

Citizen’s Bank of Edmond

The Citizen’s Bank of Edmond has been in town since before Oklahoma was considered a State! According to their website, the bank “opened for business at 102 S. Broadway on April 18, 1901. In the beginning, it was known as Citizens State Bank and it served a population of just 1,000 residents in Edmond, Oklahoma – roughly 1/90th of this friendly suburban city’s current population.”

As recently as last year, the bank has re-innovated their lobby in downtown Edmond, and continues to provide great service for the community.

New Trendy places

In addition to all of the historical landmarks mentioned (and many more) there are several newer places in town which have gathered a lot of attention of late.

ClueQuest OK

ClueQuest Edmond Escape Rooms - Edmond Small Business Spotlight

One of these is ClueQuest OK, an Escape Room center with four rooms and counting. The owners, Dan and Michelle, offer an exciting experience for 1-6 people per room and offer good rates. The rooms change out occasionally so walk in every now and again to see the newest rooms. We did a video blog highlighting their business and shared it on the South East Edmond Community Facebook page a while back.

Crest Foods Grocery Store (Coming Soon)

Crest Logo

Another video blog we recently made covered the developments in North East Edmond near I-35 and Covell. In addition to lots of other developments, one that everyone in that part of town is excited about is the Crest Grocery Store. Crest has been around for several decades, and is local to the metro. This, their second location in Edmond, is set to open its doors in Spring 2018.

What are your favorite places in Edmond?

Where do you like to eat, drink, shop, or relax here in Edmond? We highlight just a few of the amazing places around town where you can do these kinds of things. What did we miss? We want to hear from you!

-Keith May

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