How Cleaning Your Garage Could Help your Home to Sell

ByKeith May

How Cleaning Your Garage Could Help your Home to Sell


Hi, it’s Keith May from Keller Williams Realty in Edmond, OK and North Oklahoma City OK. People are always asking us about the most cost effective things to do to their house to update them, to get them ready to sell, to get the most return on them. In addition to the inside stuff – cosmetics, countertops, paint, carpet, something that’s oftentimes overlooked is the interior of one’s garage. This is an older property – early 70’s – I am currently selling in the South east Edmond area. You can see the walls are pretty scarred up and dirty, and I tell you what, it can be a very wise thing to do to clean up and paint your garage. And it gives buyers – I’ve noticed over the years – a lot of confidence. The logic being that if someone takes care of their garage, then they probably take care of their house too. It comes across real well. You can paint a garage yourself, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you hire a professional – for a two car garage – for one that is about 20×21 in space, you’re probably looking at $200-500 cost. So something to consider when selling your house.


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