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ByKeith May

Real Estate Report 1st Quarter 2019 – OKC & Edmond

Each quarter I let you know what’s going on with market trends in your community. Watch below to see the number from the second quarter of 2019.

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ByKeith May

Coming soon: Home for sale in South Edmond

This home at 600 NE 138th St. is located in the Fair Hill neighborhood, a stone’s throw from the new Chisholm Creek development where you will find original restaurants, bars, and even a Topgolf. The approximately 1,500 sq. ft. home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 2 car garage and a new efficient heat and air system. Look for this great value to hit the market any day now. Contact me for more information.

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ByKeith May

Real Estate Near the Kilpatrick Turnpike

The Kilpatrick Turnpike is a great addition to north OKC and Edmond as it has allowed easy access to many of the great neighborhoods the city has to offer. Business is now booming along the route and has helped increase property values.
This compilation video over the span of 6 years show the progress of the Kilpatrick, and the surrounding growth it has allowed.

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ByKeith May

4th of July: Around Town

We know more than just real estate at Keith May real estate group. We know the community and always let you know what’s going on in and around where you live.

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ByKeith May

The “Art” of Pricing Real Estate in Oklahoma

Pricing in real estate is an “art”, not a science.
A buyer or sellers mindset about price can make or break a deal. In this video, I tell you my strategy on pricing – and it may not be what you think. A comparative market analysis, the time of year, and sometimes luck plays a factor.

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