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ByKeith May

Top Reasons to Retire in Edmond, OK

Retiring in Edmond, Oklahoma

This video highlights the most attractive reasons for retiring in Edmond, Oklahoma and a few hesitations. For most people, Edmond is a great place to be based on the cost of living, community amenities, access to healthcare, outdoor activities & proximity to Oklahoma City. Some people worry about the unpredictable weather, or traffic and population density when considering where to retire.

Edmond’s prime location on the Historic Route 66 still draws a crowd of visitors through the area. The town has 3 public and 6 private golf courses. A newly renovated Kickingbird Golf includes some nice pickleball courts. There are a wide variety of churches, great access to healthcare, and some great senior centers around town. Watch the whole video for more reasons to consider Edmond, OK as your retirement destination.

ByKeith May

Protesting Your Property Taxes in Oklahoma County

Protesting your Property Taxes in Oklahoma County

Watch this video to learn how to break down your annual property tax notice that all homeowners receive on an annual basis. Are you wondering why your tax values are rising so rapidly and what course of action you can take to slow that down? Watch the video for information on how to protest your increased assessment and why you might want to do so. The annual tax increase is capped for taxable value but the market value is not capped. Find out how this may affect you as the homeowner!

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ByKeith May

New City Hall Construction in Downtown Edmond

New Edmond, Oklahoma City Center Project 2024, (city Hall)

Watch this video to find out all the details on the new City Hall being built in downtown Edmond. This project has been in the works for several years now and construction has finally begun. The new City Center will include two city buildings as well as a much needed parking garage to accommodate the downtown traffic as the area continues to improve and grow. In the video Keith highlights the funding source for this undertaking as well as the timeline for completion and more!

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ByKeith May

2024 Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma Real Estate Report, Year End 2023

2024 Oklahoma City and EDMOND, Oklahoma REAL ESTATE REPORT. Year end 2023

Watch this video to find out how the real estate market performed at the end of 2023 as we move forward into 2024. Overall, demand is still high despite a slight decrease in the number of homes sold at the end of the 4th quarter. Watch the video to see the breakdown of the numbers for Oklahoma City and Edmond. Home values continue to climb upward moving into 2024 and the market is always changing. If you would like to find out the current value of your home or if you are ready to make a move to a new home, call Keith today at 405-330-2626. Keith has 25+ years of experience as a full time REALTOR in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and surrounding areas.

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ByKeith May

Negotiating Real Estate: What to say and do in real estate deals

Negotiating real estate What to say and do in real estate deals.

Watch this video to find out some of the best tips for navigating negotiations in any real estate deal. Keith highlights his tried and true tactics to make for the best outcomes for all parties involved. Being versatile, innovative, and savvy about the home buying and selling process helps a realtor negotiate on your behalf. Keith highlights things to look for in an agent who will best suit your needs in the negotiation process. Keith uses his 25+ years of experience as a full time REALTOR in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and surrounding areas to help negotiate the best possible outcomes for his clients. Want to know more about how Keith works for his clients? Give him a call at 405.833.2626 today!