Buying a house with a storm shelter

ByKeith May

Buying a house with a storm shelter

Weather or not the value of a house is increased because of a storm shelter is in the eye of the beholder but there are some things you might look for when deciding if you are going to have a storm shelter installed in your home.

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1) Do Your Research Prior to purchasing any storm shelter, you should always do your research to determine the best type for your situation. It’s always a good idea to check out FEMA’s website first to determine which storm shelters are best for any given situation. See links below. Other ways of determining type are to stop and ask your neighbors if you can take a quick look at theirs. Most are more than happy to give you a quick tour. If you have a county or state fair at your location, take the time to attend. Most manufacturers have displays at those locations. Home and Garden shows are another location where you might find a display. In some cases, based on information within the FEMA Website, it may be possible to obtain Federal funding based on your location and/or situation. Once you have a pretty good idea of the type of shelter you want, start searching the internet for different storm shelter manufacturers. In some cases, manufacturers will drop the shipping fees if you are a customer within their state. 2) Select the Location Location of your storm shelter is important. You will want to locate the shelter as close as possible to your home so you can get to it quickly. The location will also need to have good access so the shelter can be delivered and equipment can be used to prepare the hole. Once you have identified your location, you should call your utility company out to flag/mark your yard before any digging takes place. You should also obtain any permits required. 3) Digging the Hole If your storm shelter manufacturer requires a contractor to dig the hole prior to delivery, you will need to make sure they dig the hole to the manufacturers specifications. These specs are in place to ensure the manufacturer can deliver and place the storm shelter properly and ensure it will last trouble free for years to come.


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